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"Satisfied customers are the most important asset of my business" 

               *Real Estate Staging              *Interior Design

               *ReDesigned Rooms               *Space Planning

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Room by Room Interiors is the premier provider in the Susanville and Chester areas. 

So whether you are are a "do-it-yourselfer", "where-do-I start", or  "stage my home so I can sell it" or want a complete make over, client,  we are a full service design company that can meet your needs!


More $ in Your Pocket...Some Staging Facts:

An investment in Home Staging is less then a price decrease, therefore yields the biggest return on investment (ROI)

=(Faster sales = less mortgages = more $ in your pocket)

If You Are Selling your home, Bring out the Big Guns first. Don't wait until you drop the price...

=(Selling at asking price = more $ in your pocket)

Home Staging is a marketing strategy preparing your home so clients want to buy it & agents want to show it.

= (More clients looking = more chances of a sale = more $ in your pocket) 



1. Only 10% of the population has the capability to visualize what is not there

2. A buyer will pay top dollar for their dream home. They will not pay to fix it up

3. Staging is a tool that helps to maximize sales

4. Personal items can be a distraction to potential buyers, put your property at the center of attention.

5. A potential buyer may give an excuse not to buy the property because there is work to do

6. Home staging can yield up to a 500% ROI


Staging Facts:

1. Staging leaves all guess work out. Your prospective buyer knows exactly if his bed will fit and what that odd shaped room can be used for

2. Staged homes are accepted and viewed as move in ready

3. Based on training and experience your Home Stager will make recommendations and suggestions that will appeal to the demographic for your area

4. Staging will cost less then your first price reduction

5. Staging is ranked in the top three things to do to prepare your property for market

6. Staging will put your property in show case condition. The goal is to keep expenses to a minimum and the results to the optimum


What you can do to Stage your own home:

1. Curb Appeal~Clean, cut and trim your shrubs, lawn, flower beds. Plant color. Clean porches, lights, windows, rugs

2. Exterior~ Clean, repair and refresh paint, cement, wood, mailboxes, front door, numbers

3. Interior~ Clean, repair and refresh paint, rugs, windows, floors, cabinets. DE-personalize

4. Garage, Closets, Cupboards~Rule of thumb, pack up at least 50%


Sounds like a lot but you will reap the rewards through faster sales and more money.


For your consultation call Room by Room Interiors 530-310-3496







"Satisfied customers are the most important asset of my business"!