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*Debt Free Decorating  *Interior Design  *ReDesign          *Consultations/Guidance

*Home Staging  *Room Organization  *Paint & Color          *Window Treatments

Call  the premier provider of Home Staging & Redesign services in the Susanville and Chester areas now.

Our primary services include interior redesigns in existing and new homes and complete Real Estate Staging.

From Consultations and Guidance to full out Design services.   

Redesign Rooms/Debt Free Decorating:   

Lets transform your home into a beautiful vibrant home using all of your treasures.  You will think it is a completely different home and you didn't have to buy anything. 

A fresh new look for the season.  Renewed Rooms is for you.  Just like the old saying "a little goes a long ways."  Room by Room Interiors will show you how easy it can be done.    

Always in budget......Always beautiful

 Interior Design:

We create fabulous homes (or room by room) for your lifestyle.  With our techniques and knowledge the dynamic feel you will have upon entering your home can only be described as shear pleasure.  Unique window treatments, accessories and art will set your home apart.  Experience the tranformation.

Consultations - $150 for curb side to closets:

This is for the Do-it-yourselfer Homeowner and agents who are selling homes.  Room by Room Interiors will spend time evaluating curbsides to closets.  We will take photographs and notes during our first visit. 

These recomendations and suggestions will showcase the home to its fullest potential.  Take plenty of notes.  Colors, furniture placement, and recommended upgrades will be discussed. A step by step strategy to sell your home faster and often for more money.  A portion of this fee will be credited towards future staging time, if needed.       


Lets have fun!  This is for the do-it-yourselfers that just need a helping hand with projects.

Step by step guidance with paint colors to furniture placement.  There maybe portions of the work that you don't want to tackle and we will be glad to assist when needed.  Together we can create the home you've always dreamed of.

Full or 1/2 day Real Estate Staging:

"Show it well & watch it sell"  We make buyers want to buy your home and agents want to sell it.  A secret strategy to prepare your home so that it will outshine all others on the market. 

If the "action plan" is not for you, Room by Room Interiors will come and transform your home into a "Wow, I must have it" home.   Your investment in a professionally Staged home is like $money in the bank.

Occupied Home Staging:

Providing a stylish transformation using your furniture, accessories, and artwork.  And enhancing your homes best features.  Providing additional furnishings as needed.  Giveing you creative ideas on how to live in your staged home.

Vacant Home Staging:

 We can stage an entire house (or key areas) depending on your needs.  
Utilizing our inventory and furnishings as needed.  Creating an environment that potential buyers can visualize your house as their dream home.
Giving each room a function so that buyer won't have to guess. 

Room Organization:

OK, you need some help!  The closets, storage room, sewing room, kids room, family room.

Don't wait another minute.  A well organized environment will mean less stress and time saved for the things that are important in your life. 

Paint and Colors:

Are you tired of "WHITE" or "BEIGE"?  Help is here.  What color should you paint?  What walls should you paint?  TOO many choices at the paint store... I will make your decisions easy in the comfort of your home with the paint colors and examples in front of you. We make it easy!