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 Naomi helped us update our home before putting it on the market but I wish we would have had her insight and fresh view years before.  Naomi had great ideas that did not break the bank, that added warmth and charchter to our home.  Her professional perspective on art and furniture placement open and enhanced our living spaces.  Naomi's fee is very reasonable and she has such a friendly and warm personality that she is a pleasure to be around.  Pete & Margaret

We owe many thanks to Naomi for her stellar advice of how to improve the appearance of our home for market.  With her eye for details she formulated a plan for painting, light fixtures and repairs.  The transformation was astounding.  Along with the staging and her recommendations we received an offer shortly after.  I recommend her to everyone.  Many thanks, Naomi  Maureen and Lance 

Our Kitchen was a wreck..  Naomi came to my rescue and helped design my gorgeous new dream kitchen! She is incredible at placement of kitchen amenities and how they will work together for greatest efficiency.   This kitchen turned out simply beautiful, Naomi is a dream come true!! Julie

 Room by Room Interiors is the first business I recommend when friends or clients tell me they're looking for fresh ideas to update their homes and make them more pleasing to the eye.  Naomi has flawless style and knows how to stretch a dollar to make a home look amazing on a budget. Mel Benny, Edgewood Realty, 530-375-6514-cell, 530-256-2266-office   CAL Bre Broker Lic. #01431489 

Debbie and I wanted to let you know how much we loved what you did for Angie's office.  Your attention to detail and the wonderful warm feeling that the office has welcomes anyone who enters.  Thank you for choosing my photography as part of your desigtn.  Your choice of matting, frame and the special print added such a wonderful touch.  Your presentation of my photo completed what I saw that day.  Thank you for that.  Sincerely, Jim and Debbie


I wanted to thank you for all your creative energy & incredible work ethic.  The make over on my office far exceeded my expectations.   You were so easy to work with and took every concern I had into account....Since the make over, my clients feel comfortable and welcome in the office.  We had never had anyone notice our office from the outside, as a matter of fact often they would walk past our door.  Now we have had several walk in clients and they all say "I noticed your office as I was walking..." Wow what a change.  I recommend you to everyone who asks.  If you could be rated I would give you a "five star" rating.  Thank you again..., Angie

"Before staging my home, prospective buyers would come in, quietly look around awhile, and leave.  This went on for about a year.  Then I had my home staged by Naomi.  This made an immediate difference.  Buyers stayed longer and were noticeable more animated and interested.  Also, Real Estate Agents soon caught on, and brought around more buyers.  The home sold in three months.  I'm confident in saying that staging my home resulted in it being sold sooner than it would have been otherwise."   Dan

"In our area we were competing with brand new homes that were priced less then us.  Within 7 days of contacting you, you had met with our clients and completed  staging a 2200sf home.  We receive an accepted offer within 35 days.  We firmly Believe that it was due to the expertise of your staging efforts.  Your personality and professional demeanor immediately put our clients at ease.   We are thrilled with the results."  Penny


I asked Naomi to help me refresh my home and I could write a book about her wonderful, creative ideas to make my home feel new by rearranging items I had, by re-hanging pictures in pleasing groupings, and by adding color.  But I was most impressed by her work ethic, Naomi is always on time, makes very efficient use of her time, and is very easy to work with.  She has wonderful ideas but she never forced them on me.  My home is now “beautifully staged” – not for sale, but to live in comfortably.  Theresa

Just a quick note to say thank you.  All my friends love my house.   I am so pleased and even my husband said the other day how nice it looks.  We couldn't have done it without your help.  Thank you....  Elaine


  I was getting ready to remodel my kitchen and did not know where to begin.  Naomi was able to help me get an idea of what I wanted and guide me through out the project.  She has a great eye! ... Mary


"We just wanted to take a minute to thank you for rearranging and refreshing the formal living areas in our home.  We love how the rooms are now more open, flowing and comfortable.  They remain completely functional for our daily life and use.    Also, thank you for your suggestions of items to purchase when time and budget permits.  Your very specific list allowed us to stay focused and only purchase a few "key" items versus spending unnecessarily on items we did not need.  We truly appreciated your professional guidance with this as well.
Naomi, your expertise is obvious but your hands on approach and manner of delivery was simply delightful to experience.  Thank you for sharing your expertise with us.  We are thrilled with the results."  Tom

I have been enjoying my new kitchen upgrade, and living and dining room make-overs, thanks to Naomi!  I feel like I'm living in a new home...just beautiful!  She studies you and your home, creates gorgeous rooms to suit your individual tastes.  I highly recommend Room by Room Interiors.  Can't wait for the next room make-over.  Karen