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Staging statistics for the area....Offer after Staging average is
 23 days
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With the potential buyer in mind, our Home Staging Experts, will edit, re-position furnishings & accessories, re-define, and re-purpose space throughout the home. The difference in the Before & After is Night & Day! The finished product is a staged home ready for pictures, ready for agents to show, and ready for buyers to be enchanted!



 Home Staging Tips:
*  Paint your front door a fabulous bold color to add interest and effect.  See what your neighbors will say.
*  Take something that you love (lamp, art, picture, pretty book) and move it into another room where you can appreciate it more.  Use this as your spring time theme while decorating.
*  Try using an ottoman, bench, trunk, or old suitcases in place of your traditional end and coffee table.  You will find that the look will be fresh and exciting.


In todays market you must have more than a clean and tidy home. While decluttering & cleaning serve as a foundation to marketing your home potential buyers expect more. They expect perfect!

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Staging Facts
1.  Eighty-five percent of buyers start their home seach online.
Staging makes for a great online presence, that draws in the buyer and makes them want to see the home in person.

2.  When a home is empty, buyers focus on the negatives.
Home staging capitalizes on the positive aspects of the home.

3.  Nine out of ten people walking in your home have no imagination of the wonderful possiblities your home has to offer them.
Staging allows a potential home buyers to "visualize" themselves in your home without any distractions.

4.  People don't buy houses, they buy homes.
The number one reason a buyer purchases a home is because it "felt like home". It was warm, inviting and the buyers made an emotional connection with the home. "Sterile", "cold", and "uninviting" are the three most popular words to describe an empty room.

5.  Without furniture, there is no frame of reference.
Without furniture, it's incredibly difficult to tell the scale and size of a room. When the buyer does not have answers to their questions, they walk away. What is this room for? Don't keep them guessing, because it only distracts them from considering the home as a purchase.

6.  Studies show that vacant homes tend to stay on the market for longer periods of time and sell for less. Displaying key furniture items and accessories throughout allows buyers to visualize themselves living in the home.Our services range from partially staging the home to a complete model home showcase. Any size ...Any budget!

Your home is your largest investment so don't leave it to "chance".
Think of it this way...Would you sell a dirty car?
When you sell your car, you prepare it for sale.  Showing the very best of your car.  Wash, wax, detail, buff, vaccuum.  You do this because you know that you will not get top dollar if popcorn is still on the floor along with road dirt on the outside and dust in the vents.  This is marketing.   Same thing goes in the store.  You won't pick the dented can of corn when there is a good can, that looks better next to it.